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At Soehner Law, Nicole believes that everyone should have access to dedicated and reliable representation, regardless of their financial situation. Because of this, our rates are always affordable and competitive, and your first consultation is always free.

Nicole generally structures her fees in a block fee structure. This creates certainty, as it allows the client to know exactly how much their case will cost from the outset. As a result, there will never be an unexpected fees or financial changes, and no one will be watching the clock. Block fees are determined on a case by case basis. Taken into consideration is the nature and complexity of the charges, and the circumstances of the client.

Nicole understands that her clients generally have not budgeted for the financial strain of legal fees. As a result, she offers payment plans in an effort to alleviate that burden as much as possible.

Soehner Law accepts Legal Aid certificates. Nicole provides the best service she can to each and every client, regardless of whether they are a private client or eligible for Legal Aid. See the following link for more information on Legal Aid coverage and eligibility:









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